Why Volunteer?

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Is Your Time

When people are asked what they appreciate most about living on Gabriola, the answer will usually be “community”. But community doesn’t just happen.

It is created by peoples’ wishes to improve the place where they live - usually volunteers who donate a little time once every six weeks to make soup at PHC, one day a week at the Museum, several weeks to pull off a community event.

Volunteers are the drivers of this amazing community. It is easy to look around Gabriola and see the results of volunteerism - the trails that criss-cross the island, the Arts Centre and the Community Medical Centre to name but a few.

The trick is to find the right place for you, your skills, your interests, and your level of time commitment. And as you volunteer your social connections widen, and your familiarity within the community increases. It is well proven that those who volunteer live longer, healthier lives in part because of their social connections and sense of contributing to something worthwhile. 

To make a connection you have to reach out and make a phone call or write an email.

The list of volunteer opportunities you find here is intended to make it easy.


Volunteer Opportunities

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Vet Examining Dog

Contact Us

If you have a volunteer opportunity that we missed, drop us an email and we will add it to the site.


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